Your big day has finally arrived and you couldn’t be more excited! After months and months of meetings, tastings, dress fittings, travel planning, color and decor selection, and THOUSANDS of dollars invested so you can celebrate the most important day in your life with your husband/wife and your closest friends and relatives, the big day has FINALLY. ARRIVED.

You’ve gotten dressed, taken the first rounds of pictures, and are staged and ready to start the ceremony. And then it starts to rain. This wouldn’t normally be an issue, but you are having an outdoor ceremony. Immediately it appears as if the ceremony will be a wash (if you’ll pardon the pun) and the panic begins to rise. You begin to see the perfect day you envisioned slip away and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But then something happens: your guests begin to gather their chairs and move them into the reception tent/barn. Your DJ kicks into high gear and immediately notifies the guests about the situation while hastily relocating into the reception barn to get set up for ceremony 2.0. Parents assist in getting making sure the guests who are seated are comfortable, if not a little damp.

Suddenly, you realize that your wedding is going to happen and that you will still be tying the knot with the one you love. Your friends and family are still there full of love for the two of you and even though the ceremony and reception weren’t QUITE what you had in mind, things were still perfect in their own way.

This happened Saturday. The wedding and reception were awesome. Everyone came together to CREATE the event. Sure, you spent a year or more laying the groundwork, but you realize that there’s an intangible factor to your wedding day that you have no direct control over. Things and stuff don’t make your event amazing. People do. People who care about and your success. You only really need a few things to have an awesome wedding day: You and your future spouse, your friends and family, and love.

Oh, and a few vendors who are passionate about the success of your big day. That helps a lot!

Can you tell I’m a hopeless romantic?


P.S. Also, a backup generator to use when, due to the storm, the first one dies while the bride is coming down the aisle.