Hello all!

The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! I took a month or so out to have my son (well, technically, my fiancee did) on November 6th. Needless to say, things have been a little topsy-turvy! As I was recently advised that I am the wedding industry’s resident know-it-all, I knew it was important to keep up the blog (there may be a bit of sarcasm there).

Let me ask you a simple question: Have you ever hired a plumber? What about a handyman/carpenter/electrician? Maybe a mechanic?

Of course you have. The next question is simply, why?

The answer is also simple: you needed someone who could do what you could not or wanted the convenience of not having to do it yourself.

I don’t consider myself mechanically inclined-whether it’s vehicular or around the house. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you about the time I started the water-heater replacement process by taking a brisk mid-December swim in my bathroom. I would be the last person you would want to call to fix something.

That’s why I call the professionals. So what does all that have to do with your wedding?

Everything. Every so often I will have a consultation with a potential bride and groom and as we’re getting into what they’re looking for from their DJ they will inevitably say “We want all of our guests to have an amazing time and plenty of great memories to talk about for years to come.” or some variation of that sentiment. That’s awesome! To be honest, I have never had a client tell me that they want to have a boring reception that their guests hate but when we start to talk about the actual dance time they will tell me that they want to create their own playlist with no alterations to the songs, order of the songs or requests from the guests.

Hearing that always strikes me as odd. My first question (internally) is usually “Why in the world are they hiring a professional DJ when they could just rent an Ipod (is that outdated?) and a set of speakers?”

While it’s true that there are people who buy a laptop and a pirated hard drive and call themselves a DJ (or a cheap camera and call themselves a photographer), Most of the people who regard themselves as professional mobile entertainers (DJs) have years (or even decades) of experience in entertainment. One of the first things a mobile DJ will learn is how to read the psychology of the dance floor and interpret or forecast where the dance floor is headed musically. They will then take into account the bride and groom’s preferences and finally pick the next song in order to keep the party rocking.

I say all that to say this: Trust your professional vendors. For most of them, this is their career. This is what they love to do-their passion. I don’t know a single professional that would intentionally sabotage a wedding day.

When you trust your professional vendors and they in turn are listening to YOUR priorities and needs for your big day, the synergy created will set you up for one heck of an awesome time!

Make sure when you hire your vendors that you’re hiring people who understand, complement, and enhance YOUR vision of your wedding. It’s also extremely important that you get along with them! Nobody wants to plan an event like a wedding with someone they don’t like.

Till next time,