The price you pay for entertainment is directly proportional to the quality you receive, which is directly proportional to the success of your event.

To be honest, F.M. Entertainment is not the place to find a “cheap DJ”.  I specialize in working with clients who understand that the quality of their entertainment will DIRECTLY impact the success and outcome of their event.

In order to determine the price for your event, I need to work with you to peel back the layers and uncover what your needs and goals are for your event. If you’re just looking for someone to play music and hope that people dance, there are probably better options for you than F.M. Entertainment, but if you want to create an atmosphere of genuine enthusiasm, love, energy, celebration and memories where your guests will truly be in the moment with you and that reflect who you are and what you want for your guests, please give me a call.

While I charge more than the corny DJ whose favorite song to play is “The Chicken Dance” to get the dance floor going, or the DJ who is so boring your guests will fall asleep in their salad, my rates are truly affordable for just about any reasonable budget.

Call me to schedule your free consultation to discuss the specifics of your wedding or other special event! Even if you don’t choose F.M. Entertainment, I will be happy to make a recommendation to help you choose the perfect entertainment for your event.

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