I wanted to tackle a question that DJs and wedding vendors get asked ALL THE TIME. Should I or what should I tip my vendor? It’s a logical question. Your wedding professionals will be directly responsible for making your wedding day dreams come true, and so many newlyweds ask about tipping and whether or not they should. There are actually 3 ways to answer that question and believe it or not, not all the answers involve money! The following also assumes that you’re blown away by the level of service you received and have had your big day’s expectations exceeded.

The first way to “Tip” your vendors does involve actual money. Here’s the kicker though: If your vendors are charging a professional rate, they should not expect a tip. Personally, I don’t agree with asking for, mentioning or even hinting at tipping. I just find it unprofessional. There are vendors who do not charge a professional rate and thus are more dependent on a tip to help with bills etc. Most professionals are happy to accept a tip, but don’t expect it.
The next way to tip your vendors is by typing up an awesome review/testimonial! Think back to when you started looking for your wedding vendors. Chances are, one of the first things you checked out were the online reviews. Why? The reviews are a way for clients to show their satisfaction in their own words. If your vendor takes their business seriously, they should be regularly collecting and displaying reviews from their clients whether they’re on facebook or planning sites like Wedding Wire, etc. Every vendor likes to have nice things said about them, but if those words lead to someone booking them, it vastly outweighs the benefit of a monetary tip.

The last and BEST way to “Tip” your wedding vendor is by referring new clients to them! Think about it! Let’s say you have to either choose to give your DJ a tip or refer new business to them. When you refer that client to the vendor, you set the client up to also have a successful day and you help the vendor stay in business. In Indianapolis, most of the wedding vendors are owned by local, small business owners who have families and are part of the local community. I encourage any brides or grooms to look for locally owned businesses first.

As always feel free to call or message me with any questions you have!