I’m a little early on this week’s post, but a client who recently booked suggested this as the topic and thought it would be helpful for those who are in the wedding planning process. That being said, let’s talk about features VS benefits!

So here’s the question: If you’re looking for your photographer, would one of the top questions you ask be “What brand and model of camera and lighting do you use?” When you go to a caterer’s tasting, do you ask them “What brand and model of oven, blender, or spatula do you use?” Let’s try it a different way: if either of those two vendors told you that information, would it really matter to you?

More than likely you’re saying no. Why? because it’s not so much about the bells and whistles themselves as much as it is how those bells and whistles impact the success of your wedding day. When you shop for your photographer, ideally you’re looking at the STYLE the photographer employs and quality of their photographs. When you go to the caterer’s tasting, you’re more looking for the quality/taste of the food and how much your guests will like it.

The same will be true of your wedding entertainment/DJ. When I sit down to meet my clients face-to-face for the first time (which you should ALWAYS do), I tell my clients that I use a Numark NS6, 2 QSC k-12’s, a Shure BLX4R, and a Chauvet Gigbar IRC. By that time their eyes have usually glazed over as the slip calmly into a trance-like state. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter the type of gear I bring (disclaimer to follow), but what I do with it in order to create memories that no one will ever forget. Don’t believe me? Ask your already married friends and chances are they’ll agree.

Disclaimer: This does not mean your professional DJ should be using his Uncle Bob’s Hi-Fi system that’s been hanging out in his basement for the last 20 years. Your DJ SHOULD have professional gear and it should look clean and not ratty. Your DJ should know what proper cable management is and use it at your event. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of having professional gear, but if your DJ is using the gear as their main selling point, then chances are that they haven’t figured out that your wedding day is about WAY more than just gear or just music.

I encourage you to ask your potential DJ about HOW what they do will BENEFIT you and add value to the success of your big day!