I was recently in a conversation with someone who is getting married next year. As is the case with many of my conversations, the topic turned to the DJ (go figure). As we began to get into the subject, it became clear that the level of customer service that was going to be provided by this particular company was unacceptable for anyone who wants their wedding to be truly unique. I don’t just mean playing the song you picked out for the processional or first dance or cake cutting, but crafting an event that is unlike the other weddings before and after.

That’s the difference between CUSTOMIZATION and PERSONALIZATION. Customization is simply choosing your formal songs (cake cutting, bouquet toss etc.) and the versions you like. Personalization, however is knowing that one of the bride’s guilty pleasures is The Rainbow Connection from the Muppets and playing that as a surprise dedication to her during the dance time. It’s knowing that the mother of the groom’s birthday happens to be the day he gets married and leading 175 guests in singing “Happy Birthday”.

In other words, it’s doing things that not only put the newlywed’s particular spin on the big day, but helps create additional memories that they DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE could be created.

How does the DJ accomplish this? Simple. The DJ has to get to know the couple. Not a month before the big day, not two months before the big day, but before they even book!

Some of the questions I ask my clients before they even sign a contract are some of the most vital pieces of info that help me begin sharing the couple’s vision of the big day. “How did you meet?”, What do you do for a living?”, “Where/how did the proposal happen?” and so many more that let me come up with fun and heartfelt ways to make the newlywed’s big day stick in their memories and the memories of their guests LONG after they’ve tied the knot.

But I CANNOT provide that level of personalization WITHOUT meeting my clients beforehand and getting to know them. This is why I’m so confused as to how any DJ/Company can call what they do unique or do right by their clients if their policy is that the first time the DJ meets the client is the SAME DAY AS THE WEDDING! Most couples recognize that this will be one of the biggest days of their life and want it to be perfect…so why opt for the DJ who thinks they can use the same formula for each client and the event will come out unique?

Unless you strictly want a cookie-cutter wedding where the names and songs are all plug and play, it’s essential you insist on meeting with your DJ at least a couple of times before the big day. I am more than happy to meet with my clients as many times before the big day as they need. Peace of mind is very important on the biggest day of your life.