We definitely give DJ Adam 5 stars. I wanted a Disney fairytale wedding and our guests all thought it was beautiful and some told us it was like actually being immersed in a fairytale. I had some out of the box ideas that Adam worked hard to accommodate to. I told Adam what I wanted for my wedding and he made it happen for us, by keeping everything flowing, making the entrances and everything look good, and being there for me when I needed something. He took my dream and ran with it, adding very nice touches. And it was so nice having him run the show and playing the songs we had chosen for different things, like cake cutting. Not to give too much info away, but he also likes to surprise brides and grooms in little special ways. We are very lucky to have gotten DJ Adam and now I’m convinced you can’t have a wedding without him.

Ty and Beth

Searching for a DJ started out as a disheartening process, however, immediately after speaking with Adam at FM Entertainment we knew he was the perfect fit. Adam was attentive to the conversation, clearly seasoned in his work, and a great balance of fun and talented. Just one month after hiring Adam we were amid an unprecedented global pandemic which added a complexity to wedding planning. This didn’t phase us though because we knew Adam went above and beyond with his couples. He is detail-oriented and offers insight into the planning process. Adam provided us with the support and tools we needed to craft a beautiful wedding day even during uncharted territory. We felt heard as a couple and our feedback was well-received. Adam was a great communicator and was always responsive and open to dialogue. One of Adam’s skills is assisting the couple to create an individualized wedding day that suits the couple’s personalities. We felt our day was attuned to our unique style. The personally crafted music, Love Story presentation, and the individualized special touches created an atmosphere to our day that fully represented us as a couple. Adam worked well with our other vendors offering a collaborative effort to not only carry out his art, but to ensure the overall vision of our wedding day was executed with excellence. Before planning a wedding, we had no idea how integral the DJ/MC’s role would be to our day; we can truly say Adam’s efforts during the planning process and day-of allowed our wedding to be one of the greatest days of our lives. We are ever grateful for the integral role Adam played in our beautiful union. We would recommend DJ Adam to any couple looking for a personalized wedding.

Caleb and Emily

Adam was simply amazing. My husband knew within the first few moments of speaking with him that he was going to be our guy. He was so passionate and you can feel it every step of the way. He was incredibly thorough with learning about us as a couple. He gained enough information about ourselves individually, our families and as a couple to make our wedding one of a kind and completely ours. His music skills are top notch but more than that he is an entertainer. He can feel the vibe in the room and go with the flow. He can speak on the mic when needed and worked to keep everyone working together. He listened to our wants and dislikes. He added so many little touches to truly make it so so special. Not only was he amazing, due to covid he put everything together in less than a week!! I would recommend Adam to anyone!

Chris and Taryn

My wife Kaitlin and I got married this past December. We had not even begun to search for a DJ yet when Kaitlin’s mom told us about someone she had heard at a recent wedding she attended. After hearing her talk about the DJ of that wedding, Kaitlin and I decided to reach out and get in contact with him. When I first called Adam Longworth, I was expecting him to tell us the cost for his services and give us his availability. That is not at all what happened. He proceeded to ask me tons of questions about what we were looking for and what was important to us. It became clear to me very quickly that this was no regular “DJ”. He told us these questions served the purpose of initially determining if he would be a good fit for our big day. Instead of trying to sell us on himself, he explained that he wanted to make sure we had the right person and if he thought that was not him he would be honest and give us some other referrals.

Kaitlin and I really appreciated that. However, upon meeting for the first time, it was clear he was the right choice for us. We had several meetings where we discussed planning of the ceremony. Adam explained his role as “Master of Ceremonies” compared to a traditional DJ. It was not hard to see why. He was quickly in contact with all our other vendors discussing timing and set up which was great because it took that extra responsibility off of our plate. While all this was great, the thing that truly set Adam apart was his true commitment to going the extra mile for his clients. He discussed several great ideas to set our wedding apart from any other.

There were a number of surprises that Kaitlin and I were unaware of that he had planned with our family and friends that would have special meaning for us. The night went off without a hitch and all of our guests commented on how great our
entertainer was and we even received several comments that it was the best wedding they had been to. We truly believe that Adam played a major role in that. Needless to say, we highly recommend Adam to anyone that is looking for a “DJ”. Just know you are getting a “Master of Ceremonies” which is what we really wanted without knowing it. If you want your day to be special, you might as well get the best there is and give Adam a call.

Nathan and Kaitlin

Adam was a HUGE help in the process of planning our wedding! He guided us along the way and helped us in more ways than just providing music on the day of. It is evident that Adam truly cares about what he does and that he has a lot of knowledge and experience with weddings. We were actually his 300th wedding which I thought was pretty cool. When I was looking for a DJ, I never expected to find someone who would take so much time to spend with us to coordinate dozens of small details throughout both ceremony and reception. I honestly believe that without Adam, not all of my wedding dreams would have come to life. So thank you so much Adam for all of your hard work and for all the planning and time you put into our wedding to ensure we had an AMAZING experience.

Danny and Tori

I want to start by saying, I am 100% positive our wedding day would have fallen apart WITHOUT Adam. He was our SAVING GRACE. 

From the initial meeting, I knew I wanted to hire him, he is passionate about what he does, and it shows through every detail of his work. The Love Story concept is so unique and beautiful, and the way he presented it at the wedding, makes for the most beautiful moments. 

I am happy to say there is not one thing I would change about our wedding day. In fact, I think it’s important to tell you how Adam stepped up to the plate and took on so many roles that day to assure everything was perfect and all my other vendors were assured and calm, and knew what was happening and when. 

I have heard from countless family and friends how incredible our DJ was, how our wedding was the most fun they’ve ever been too, how MEMORABLE he was, and how at every opportunity he pulled everyone together, and I mean everyone. We had strict religious family & my mildly alcoholic friends all sharing the dance floor, AND LOVING IT! 

When you hire Adam as your entertainment you not only get a personalized event from an experienced professional, you become apart of the FM family and all of their beautiful love stories. 

Thank you Adam for everything you did for us, all the crazy you put up with, and stopping at nothing to make our wedding the most magical and fun day for us and our guests.

Robert and Michelle

April 20th, 2019 was seriously hands down the BEST DAY EVER! I can’t Thank Adam enough for all that he did for us before the BIG day all the way up until time to end our most amazing night ever! Adam was seriously FAN FREAKINTASTIC, I don’t even know where to begin.  Before the wedding all the meeting were always on point he advised us of all the information we needed and what to expect, He consistently asked what do we want our day to be like to make sure he had the right idea of what we were looking for.  Every time we left a client meeting we felt like a huge weight was taken off our shoulders because we knew that we were in great hands.  The platform that he uses to put everything together is very user friendly even if you are not computer savvy it is so nice to see everything in one place.

 Now to the BIG Day! Adam is so professional, I am not sure where to start! He showed up early and made sure everything was in working order and went off smoothly with out any issues.  If you ever thought you needed a day of coordinator and you have Adam you are WRONG he is a one stop shop-does it all and makes everything just go off without a hitch.  The ceremony was perfect. I might be biased because it was my wedding day but it was like something from a fairy tale for me and Adam made it even more special adding the little touches that most wouldn’t even think of.  He kept the crowd going from the moment he arrived until the end of the night.  He even handled me breaking my leg-literally great.  Words can’t express how Thankful, Grateful and Happy I am that I decided to use Adam as our DJ.  I can honestly say it was one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I made for our wedding.

 If you want your wedding to be a night that you can’t stop reliving I suggest using Adam for your entertainment because you can’t go wrong.  Thank you again for making my day memorable.


Gene and Danielle

Adam did amazing work. He took time out of his day to keep us informed with everything that was going on. I had plans to surprise my fiancé now husband with adoption papers for my 2-year-old daughter and Adam did amazing with presenting those papers and making sure everyone in the crowd didn’t have a dry eye and to top it off we did our love stories on how we met each other and how our first date was and how we fell in love! I highly recommend Adam you will NOT be disappointed with his work!

Tyler and Taylor

From Joy:

There are not enough stars to give Adam for his services. His job is his passion and that shows in everything he does. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!! He is thorough, professional, but above all, he truly puts his heart and soul into every wedding/event he does. We are still having guests tell us how awesome our DJ was. They have no idea we booked him less than two weeks before the wedding – and he still had time to create so many “surprises”. He is more than a music player – he is an entertainer and a wonderful host of ceremonies. I could go on and on, but if you are reading this to check out Adam’s ratings – book him today!!! It will be the best wedding/event decision you could make. Then sit back and leave the work to him and enjoy the most wonderful event you could ever imagine!

From Joe:

We had a DJ that it became apparent was not as experienced as we really needed. Adam stepped in with only about 2 weeks before the wedding and he was awesome. He immediately educated us on a lot of the details and you could tell right away how much he cared about doing a great job and having a successful wedding and reception.
He helped create lots of special moments for my daughter (bride), the groom, my wife and me as well as our guests. We really lucked out getting such an experienced and quality DJ at the last moment. Way more goes into a successful reception than my wife and I ever realized. JPS Events at Regions Tower did an awesome job and Adam worked with them well and played a big part in the success of the reception.

FM Entertainment and Adam have my highest recommendation if you want a well run and memorable event. He is the Best in the Midwest!

Joy and Joe Lake-Parents of the bride

From Julie:

Wow! Where do I even began. Working with Adam was the best decision we could have made when picking a DJ for our wedding. To say he went above and beyond to make our day/night special is an understatement. Adam not only was our DJ he was also our coordinator. He made sure everything flowed perfectly together. If you have a million questions he’s there to answer 24/7 it seems like. His site is easy to work with and also gives you help when picking/choosing songs for those special moments. He’s not a DJ that sits back and plays music. He’s making sure you and your guest are having the time of their lives the whole night. And he makes it fun and interesting. He had a few surprises for us during our wedding and we were shocked! He sure knew how to make the party have fun on the dance floor. My special moment that Adam did for me was my father-daughter dance. I got married on the 9th anniversary of my dad’s passing. I saw everyone was having a good time dancing and I was worried about bringing people down from having fun for that special moment for me so I called it off. Well, Adam was not letting the night end without playing the song and recognizing my dad. He said he wasn’t worried about bringing the life of the party down. The song was played and it was a beautiful moment and then everyone went right back to dancing and having fun! I can’t thank him enough for making that special moment happen. Adam, I can’t thank you enough for your awesome services. You rock, man!

From Aaron:

Prior to choosing Adam as our DJ, we had spoke to a few others but we weren’t really impressed, something was missing. Once we met with Adam we both knew that he’s who we wanted to hire for our big day. Adam isn’t there to just show up and play music, he’s the textbook example of an entertainer, there was not one dull moment throughout the night. He did a great job of keeping our guests busy during the time between the ceremony and reception. We started the night with a few “ice-breaker,” games to heighten the mood and our guests had a blast. His song selection was perfect, we had a full dance floor almost the entire night. Adam also helped us keep a timeline of the entire day/night to ensure that everything flowed as smooth as possible. Most importantly, Adam is extremely professional. We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work!

Aaron and Julie

Adam was amazing from start to finish as the Dj and Master of Ceremonies at Erin and I’s wedding. We both have two huge, crazy families and we were a little concerned about how we could manage our 300+ guests and keep them entertained all night. Thanks to Adam, we had nothing to worry about! He made sure our big day was all about us and was vital in making it the best day of our lives! The music was awesome, but his expertise extends far beyond picking what songs to play. Adam helped us create very memorable introductions for our bridal parties and ourselves to start our reception off on the right foot. Beyond that, Adam kept the mood lively and upbeat with various icebreakers and events! One of my favorite parts of the night was the “Love Story” he created where he blended together different memories Erin and I had about our relationship. It was great to relive all the great times of our time together and really helped all of the guests understand why Erin and I were meant to be together. He also surprised us with various audio recordings that he collected from our loved ones that he played at the end of our reception! It was a great experience! All in all, I would highly recommend Adam and his services to anyone and everyone!

Michael and Erin

We are beyond thankful we decided to not skimp out on our DJ! Wow. We were so close to just booking some guy that offered the best price because we figured this was a corner we could cut to save costs. We were SO wrong. I’m so glad Adam decided to jump on the phone with me and offer me such good perspective. Once we met up with him, we were blown away by how passionate he was and how much he truly cared about educating brides and grooms to prevent horror stories becoming a reality on their big day. Adam went above and beyond at our reception. It was a Sunday night so he had his work cut out for him to make sure people stayed as long as possible, but he did such an amazing job reeling people in with our “Love Story” Presentation before our first dance and so many touching recordings from our loved ones. It seriously was a night I will never forget thanks to him and all the memories he created for us. If you are reading this and you are just like me when I was in your shoes, DO NOT cut this corner. You will regret it. I was at a wedding that someone cut the corner with their DJ and their music was being streamed from YouTube and the music cut out on their first dance! It was horrible to watch. This is one of the most expensive days of your life. Don’t ruin it by trying to cut corners here. You can cut corners on flowers, stationary or any other little things that are almost insignificant. But try to figure out how to pay for a first-class vendor like this because this is the person that will be running your reception and will be in charge of making sure people are engaged and memories are being made. Much more than just hitting play on an iPod! I was totally that person that had no clue and I’m so thankful I had people like Adam and his past clients that helped inform me on how important this aspect of a wedding is. Hopefully, this helps! Thanks so much for Adam and Zeb! Plus an extra thank you to Brian Fauber who stayed help out with our wedding when you didn’t have to! Just truly beyond thankful.

Michael and Taylor

I had my wedding 3 weeks ago and it was perfect! In the beginning of my planning the DJ was a spot where I was going to cut cost and save the money, anyone can play some music right? WRONG! After doing some research and thinking it over I upped my budget for the DJ and ended up using Adam Longworth and I can’t speak highly enough of him! He actually takes the time to get to know his brides and grooms and uses that to make the perfect play list and create a flow of events. Not only was Adam my DJ but he also helped me create the best timeline for my day, gave me tons of advice for the wedding overall, and acted as a coordinator as well. I didn’t have my wedding at a typical wedding venue so set up was a little tricky and weather got a bit wild and Adam handled it all and made plan B seem like it was actually plan A all along. He kept TONS of people out on the dance floor the entire time and there never was those moments of nobody dancing typically seen at most weddings. He even threw in a few unique surprises throughout the day. He has everything organized from his in person meetings, to his online portal specifically for your wedding to add songs and events. This is his passion and full time job so he puts in a lot of time and effort to make everything perfect. He really does focus on the details and doesn’t cut any corners. He is very professional yet friendly and it seems like you have known him forever! I recommend him for any type of wedding, he will rock it out! I couldn’t be happier that I used him for mine and can’t say enough great things. Definitely worth it!

Ashley and Brent

Part 1

Everyone that my husband and I booked for our special day was an absolute dream to work with, but I seriously cannot even imagine how things would have gone without Adam from F.M. Entertainment! We had booked another DJ previously, and things looked like they were going downhill fast with him. Adam saw that I had booked him, and immediately tried to make sure I knew everything to make the best choice for either keeping the DJ or looking elsewhere. We tried to uphold with our contract with the initial DJ, but it just wasn’t working. I asked Adam if he could still cover our day, and luckily he could. Adam helped us make up a timeline, and it took a ton of pressure off of us. The day of the wedding, Adam showed up on time and came to my bridal suite to assure me that everything was on track, and reminded me to relax. He played Disney songs while warming up, which was perfect! My kids enjoyed the music while everyone was getting ready. And while Adam didn’t know this, the music was calming to me too. My grandma who raised me passed away a few years back, and she LOVED Disney movies. It helped me remember that she was still there with me. I cannot say how thankful I am that we booked with him. He took our special day and made it so much more memorable!

Part 2

I do not even want to imagine what our wedding would have been like had we kept our first DJ. I cannot thank you enough. You exceeded what we’d ever dreamed of. You captured our dream wedding within your microphone, and have given us the absolute best memories.
Thank you from two helpless romantics,
The Osborns
Megan and Quentin

I won’t lie, I think everyone can say they’re a little nervous going in and don’t know what to expect with their DJ. But Adam delivered and delivered big. We had a lot of people comment about our wedding after and one thing mentioned was the dance floor and Adam! He had a great presence and matched the mood perfectly. He was energetic and funny to get the room involved, somber and sentimental during a memorial video for my husband’s mother, transitioned to dancing beautifully and knew just what songs to play to keep people dancing. We even had guests offering to pay for more venue time, so that the dancing wouldn’t end! People were chanting “one more song”, even though it was completely out of Adam’s control. He suggested various games to get the room involved and even though I was skeptical, they were perfectly timed and got everyone laughing! We’re so grateful that Adam was apart of our day!

Seth and Ashley

Adam was seriously awesome. Between being emotional support for me throughout the whole process and surprising my husband and I with a very emotional present, he completely exceeded our expectations. He truly allowed Nick and I to sit back and enjoy the reception because we knew he had it covered. Also, his set up is very discreet. I was really worried about a bunch of bulky equipment and was pleasantly surprised at how clean looking his table was! If you’re looking for a quality DJ who’s worth every cent Adam is your guy!

Nick and Shelby

Adam is an AMAZING DJ. He made this day incredibly special for us. We would pick him again if we had to do it all over again. He was organized and professional and passionate about his career and role as the DJ. And very importantly, he cared deeply about making this day special for us.

Eric and Gabrielle

I cannot say enough good things about Adam, he helped make our wedding/reception perfect. Everyone came to us during the reception and asked where we found him and asking for his card. I heard from numerous people that our reception was the best they had ever attended. Adam is the top of our list if we ever need a DJ again. Thank you Adam from the bottom of our hearts.

Helen and Mike

DJ Adam was fantastic! He was a huge reason our wedding was so perfect! Thank you!!

Larry and Natalie

So, we received the full version of our wedding video and I just had to tell you……I was beyond pleased and grateful for your skill and the love you clearly have for your job on our wedding day, but I’m even more thankful as we sat watching and listening to you guide our reception. Your ideas and additions made our evening so special and it was such a joy reliving all the little nuances you added that helped make our day so memorable, personal, and unique. Thank you for all your hard work….it will be forever appreciated.

Mike and Hayley

Adam was an amazing DJ! Going into our wedding, we weren’t even sure if we wanted a DJ or what to expect if we hired a DJ. From our initial meeting with Adam, we automatically knew we made the right choice. Immediately, he wanted to know more about us, our relationship and our interests, in order to make the ceremony and the reception as intimate as possible. As a DJ, he took on more responsibilities than you would expect any DJ to. Not only did he make sure music was chosen correctly, but he also met and talked with us multiple times to ensure timing and everything else involved in the wedding would go smoothly. As he stated, he essentially also helps with wedding planning when you don’t have a planner. He came up with ideas that neither of us would have ever had, and also played games with the guests to keep the reception entertaining and different. We would definitely recommend Adam to for any future wedding or event alike! We cannot say enough nice things about him! 

Dakota and Haley

It’s been a month, and everyone is still raving about how fun our wedding was. The dance floor was completely full from beginning to end- with grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, kids, and everyone in between. It couldn’t have gone smoother! Adam was wonderful!

Ryan and Amanda

Adam was great at our wedding. He was organized with all the events throughout the evening and did a great job of playing music that everyone enjoyed. He was a great help with planning and organizing everything before the wedding and making sure it was going to go smoothly and be fun for everyone!

Jeremiah and Danielle

Adam Longworth was a fantastic DJ. We knew from the first meeting with him it was a great fit. He was able to keep our guests entertained, and everyone had a great time. We loved the little personal touches he incorporated to make our day special. He played the music we wanted, and even gave us the awesome reception entrance we wanted by playing the Imperial March as we walked in. He also added other touches, like playing the Doctor Who theme song and Mr. Roboto (we are huge nerds, can you tell?) To top it all off, he even sang a song to us as a wedding present, which got everyone on the dance floor. We would recommend him to anyone for any event.

Jordan and Rachel

Adam was very professional. He let us know in advance the space he needed for his equipment. He was at the reception on time. He was all set up and music playing for our guests to enjoy till the wedding party arrived. He took time (2 hours) to interview our daughter and son- in- law a head of time so he could expand on their relationship. He had games for bride and groom, and other guests at the party. Everyone had a wonderful time . I would hire him again. Thank you for being a wonderful part of a wonderful day.

Al and Karen

Adam was a phenomenal event coordinator! From my grandmothers recording that he orchestrated to the games he played during the reception to the song selections, he was amazing and truly made our reception unforgettable. We got so many compliments on his services!

Kaylin and Colby

When we originally met with Adam, we were apprehensive about another person (who was a COMPLETE stranger at the time) being given control of one of the biggest days of our lives. This was because my cousin’s wedding DJ basically stayed behind his table and didn’t interact with anyone. That changed the moment we sat down with Adam and he showed us that a DJ could be passionate about what they did and still have a blast.

When our wedding day came, Adam handled everything for us. He coordinated between our vendors to make sure everything went smoothly. All we had to do was follow along. He also showed us that a GREAT DJ isn’t limited to just playing music, but also creates moments between us and our guests that will last a lifetime.

If you’re thinking about booking him, DO IT! You will not regret hiring a TRUE entertainer like him. Thank you again and again for making our special day one that ALL our guests will remember for a very long time!

Stephanie and Brayden

Sometimes right in the middle of an ordinary life, you find an amazing DJ. I’m very glad it rained on our wedding day because all the old sayings about it being good luck happened more quickly than I thought. When we met Adam we knew without a doubt our day would go absolutely amazingly perfect! From the moment the dancing started, our guests had non-stop fun. Not only could Adam make our guest laugh and become carefree, he also was able to make moments serious, heartwarming, and memorable. He agreed to all of our requests, even ones he had never done before.

We added a dance with my brothers because we had lost our mother five years ago. He dedicated a song to her and was able to handle the moment perfectly. It couldn’t have gone better.

During the reception, Adam made the effort to remember some of the guests names. It was refreshing to hear him give my groom a hard time when his dance moves got out of control. I would refer this DJ to anyone who wants to have a great time, wants to make a best friend for a night, or for anyone who wants a DJ who can read a crowd like a open book.

Thank you for making our wedding every bit of an amazing night that we wanted!

Jacob and Casey

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