One of the things I’m very passionate about (if you didn’t know by now) is helping brides and grooms make the correct choices to hire PROFESSIONAL vendors and not sub-standard people who will harm or ruin your reception. The last month or so, I have heard from several brides whose wedding success has hinged on the availability of one thing–WI-FI.

One in particular struck me–at first when I heard about it, I was confused. Why would a supposedly professional DJ require a WI-FI connection? The DJ even went so far as to tell the bride that because the venue did not have a WI-FI connection that the bride would need to provide HER selected music on HER phone and allow the “professional” to plug HER phone into HIS system in order to get the music she wanted.

CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? A “professional” telling a bride that in order for him to do the job she hired him for, she would actually have to do part of his job for him?!?!?


Unfortunately, there are people who call themselves professionals who do this (and much more) as a NORMAL part of their services. They think it’s perfectly acceptable to operate in this manner. Of course, as a soon-to-be bride or groom, you’re not expected to know these things and that is exactly what these “professionals” want. If you knew about these things, you could call them out. But what happens if there is no wi-fi and no cell signal for a hotspot? What happens if the venue’s wi-fi crashes, say during the first dance?

Remember, if a mechanic ruins your car, you can replace the car. If the carpet cleaners ruin your carpet, you can replace the carpet. However, if your DJ ruins your big day, it’s all over. There are no take backs or do-overs. This is why it is so important that your choice of entertainment have good STANDARDS.

Standards like OWNING all of their music-not praying that the venue has a wi-fi and using a pre-made Spotify playlist. NOT pirating their music from shady 3rd party websites.

Does your DJ take breaks during YOUR big day? Do they drink or smoke during the event? Do they show up late and run around looking stressed out as they scramble to avoid delaying the ceremony? Do they wear t-shirt and jeans, polo and khakis, or a suit and tie?

These kinds of factors all need to be taken into account as you make the decision on the perfect wedding entertainment for you! ALWAYS ask your vendors about their standards or come up with a list of questions on your own to ask before you book!

If you would like to learn a little more about how to select awesome vendors for your big day, come out to the Midwest Event Professionals Wedding Planning Workshop on 11/19/2017. It’s FREE and will be full of awesome information on planning your wedding!